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Meatbun here with a new page of novel links~

‘a new page?! why didn’t you update on the other page instead like you used to?’
..well, cuz the format was kinda getting long and if i have to check if each link is still active or not, and then sort them again it would take a long time…
‘you’re just being lazy..’
..yes and why am i getting scolded by my imaginary commentator?!
*push the commentator aside* ..Anyway! someone called out to me 3-4 days ago asking me to update my site, so here i am~ Now on to the novel links!

Link updated on: 17/4/22

Dungeon Item Shop at Royal road and Scribble hub
Dream Engine: Beta Tester…. D.C. Comics at Scribble hub
Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister at Scribble hub
In Harry Potter with OTS System at Scribble hub
Leveling up the World at Royal road
Life in Vain: Jobless Reincarnation at Scribble hub
Modded Skyr*m: Real Life Edition at Scribble hub
Not Everyone’s Lv Zero at Royal road
RE: SYSTEM // SUMMONER – A Litrpg Apocalypse (Second Chance/Redo/Back In Time) at Royal Road
System Change at Royal road and Scribble hub
The not-immortal Blacksmith at Royal road

there’s a few more novels & fanfics that i follow and drop here and there.. but i dont think i’ll mention them here..

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Current Status (8/12/16): cleaning up a bit in case someone is still here.. and a lot of recommendations

(3/5/16): This Site is seriously out dated cause meatbun got lazy.. and out of recommendation.. if you want to see meatbun, there’s a daily sightings of a wild meatbun on NUF(novel updates forum)~ if you’re lucky you might find a wild meatbun roaming free~

Link updated on: 8/12/16
My interest of the week (8/12/16): Bringing the farm to live in another world at For Kalimdor
Ultimate evolution at Translation Nations
Legend at Silent TL
Arifureta at Elementalcobalt blog post
Moster Factory at ProfessionalGameThrower’s Translations
Glory for earth magic at Raenadel Translation
Back in the other world at hur hur
Dungeon Defense at Shalvation Translations
LMS at Rainbow Turtle Translations
i’ve been reincarnated at Plumated
Life Mission and Taming Master at Myoniyoni
Arena at Kokuma Translation
Happy Little Mayor at SnowTime Translations

My interest of Last week..err month ago (3/5/16): boundary magician at Xant & Minions, New Game Plus! at Burei Dan Works
(14/4/16): (funny) Invincible Saint at Tseirp Translations
and (CUTE~!) Uchi no musume at konobuta
(16/2/16): World of Cultivation at Dreams of Jianghu
and Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World at Trung Nguyen, Writer

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