^_^ Hi.. I’m just another Leecher that’s sharing and using the useful link i found



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  1. Savage divinity at royalroadl is a great fic i think you will like… Takes a few chapters for action to start (like battles and stuff) but has a good pace in storytteling.
    If you use royalroadl u should already know abt it so.. Yeah 😉

    Thanks for sharing your recomendations and stuff.

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  2. Hello meatbun ^Ī‰^. I was wondering if you can take a look at this? https://littlegardenweb.wordpress.com/#
    After reading some fanfic of translators like reigo-sama and others, i wanted to write my own. The grammar suck, i know, as i’m not an english speaker ╯īšâ•°. I wanted to improve that so i’ve write it in english. If you like it, can you put the link in your blog? As if now i’ve write six chapters, I want to know the opinion of other persons. Hope this doesn’t bother you.

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